Are You Using MailChimp to Market Your Small Business?

Last month, I talked about 9 Tools Small Business Owners Love and MailChimp was on this list.

I recommend this email marketing software because it is a free service that can help you build your subscriber lists.

MailChimp helps build a list of leads and keeps small businesses in touch with potential and current clients. It is one of the most cost effective email software programs available. Other features include:

  • Subscriber profiles: Click on the subscribers name to see such information as name, email address, location, time zone and more. You can create groups and organize your subscribers.
  • Reporting:  The Reports tab will show you the click rate, open rate and see what campaigns are successful to your subscribers. A campaign is the email message that you designed and sent to your subscribers.
    • Open Rate:  On your report, you will see a percentage called open rate. This percentage rate shows how many successfully delivered campaigns subscribers opened.
    • Click Rate: Also on your report, you will see a percentage called click rate. This percentage rate represents how many successfully delivered campaigns was clicked on least once by a subscriber.
  • Templates: MailChimp offers predesigned and drag and drop layout templates for your campaigns. If you prefer to create your own custom layout template that is available as well in HTML.

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