3 Key Benefits Of Evernote to Small Business Owners

Last month I went to a local networking meeting about Evernote. I had heard of Evernote from several Virtual Assistants and on forums, but I did not know much about it.  Boy, am I glad I went to the live presentation. Evernote has become my “digital brain.” I can add all those items that I have to remember or want to remember or want to reference later.  It’s out of my head, and it’s not on a sticky note or hardcopy paper somewhere that I might run across sometime later in my life.

So what is Evernote? It is a virtual notebook with notes, or like a filing cabinet with all your files.

Evernote has many benefits. I use my Evernote for:

  1. Free; when you are a new small business owner, you want to find great tools that are free or of little cost. This is one tool that everyone can benefit in using.
  2. URLs; ever bookmark a URL in your browser and then you never can find it when you need it? Or you saved it on your tablet and not on your laptop? Exactly why I use Evernote.
  3. Client files; I have a notebook for each client with all their information, which I can then search on.  Tags can be added to your notes to make your search results even easier.

On the personal side, I use Evernote to keep lists as well such as:

  • Shopping
  • Birthday
  • Bucket
  • Christmas
  • Wish

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