How to Tell if FreshBooks is for Your Small Business

Last month, I talked about 9 Tools Small Business Owners Love  and FreshBooks was on this list.

I recommend this cloud-based accounting software because I can do my time tracking and invoicing at one place. FreshBooks offers a 30-day trial period, but if you only have one client it’s free.

FreshBooks has many benefits for small business owners, but here are just a few:

  • Accounting made simple
  • Creating an invoice is quick and easy with no manual input needed
  • Invoicing can be sent via email to your clients and they can instantly pay via PayPal

Some features include:

  • Time Tracking: You set up your projects and tasks at your hourly rate. When you track time against those projects, you know you will be billing your clients accurately.
  • Reporting:  The Reports tab has several reports including invoice details, tax summary, timesheet details, etc…
  • Invoicing: This is quick and easy in conjunction with time tracking. You can email or snail mail the invoice to your client. FreshBooks is good for small businesses where you will be invoicing for your services, even if you don’t need to track your time.

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