3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Taking on a New Client

When starting a Virtual Assistant (VA) business, or any business, the goal is to make money and be paid for the services you are offering. Unfortunately, business owners take on new clients that are not their ideal client just to make money. We get it! Eventually a lightbulb goes off and the difficult client is the one that is not your ideal client. To avoid the pitfall of another difficult client, ask the following three questions when prescreening a potential client:

1. Do I want to work with this client and help them achieve their goal and yours?

Most business owners are looking to grow, but if you are talking to a potential client and they don’t know their goals or initiates, this may not be an ideal client.

2. Is your rate in their budget?

If they ask you to reduce your rate that could be a clear sign this is not your ideal client. You are worth every penny you are charging.

3. What are the expectations on both sides?

If having touch points and meetings to keep you and client on targeted timelines, important to you but the potential client only wants to communication email and does not want you to call them, unfortunately this may not be an ideal client for you either.

As you more frequently prescreen clients, your ideal client will become clearer. It’s exciting when the ideal client does come into your life.

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