Getting Started with Hootsuite

In August, I talked about 9 Tools Small Business Owners Love  and Hootsuite was on this list.

If you are like me, someone who is interested in saving time and increasing productivity, then Hootsuite is for you. It is a streamline process where you log into one place, type your social media posting once and pick the social media outlets you would like to post to — that is it!


Hootsuite blog

The screen shot above shows my profiles that I can choose from.  I can only pick one or pick all four like I have in the image above.

Hootsuite shows you how many characters you are at with each social media outlet. Why is this important? Well, Twitter, for instance, limits a Tweet length to 140 characters. As you can see by the screen shot above the characters are now showing 126.

It also has a scheduling feature, so you can save time and schedule your posts for the future. Many businesses have a social media communication calendar per month. If that is the case, then you can schedule all your social media on Hootsuite well in advance. Schedule it, by picking the date and time and forget it.

If you add a link, the shrink button will be available for you. Why you should shorten your URL? The main reason is to obtain data on how people react when they receive your shortened URL. If you post a long URL, you will not be able to track real-time, but when you shorten an URL, you’ll be able to track click-through rates and even track where they are clicking from. A link shortener, also, allows you to upload images. You can use the shortened URL in emails or on your website and use Hootsuite’s URL click stats to track how many clicks those links receive

This tool is FREE.


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