What can you do with Skype?

In August, I talked about 9 Tools Small Business Owners Love and Skype was on this list.

Skype has many different options available. It allows video and voice calls with anyone else on Skype and is a great tool for both personal and business use. It saves time because you access it from any mobile device, computer or laptop. It saves money, not only is Skype free but so are the calls you make local, long distance or even international.

I use my video call option to Skype with family in Wisconsin. I get to see my niece and nephew growing up. I can see them and they can see me and yet be many miles apart. Last year I was unable to make it to see my family at Thanksgiving, so we Skyped. I loved it. I was able to see and talk to everyone. I was online for about 2 hours. The best part was when I signed off; I did not have to listen to the kids yelling or be involved in the family drama.

I also use the calling option with my clients or team members. I only use the calling feature not the video, because we use screen sharing

Here are a few other ways I use Skype:

  • My free membership also allows me to instant message with team members, clients, friends and family.
  • I use the file share option to upload documents with other Skype members.
  • I use the screen sharing option with clients to discuss edits or ideas.

Therefore, even if you do not have a video camera you can still take advantage of Skype and its other options. I love all these free tools.


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